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Mini E Health Cigarettes Summary

Mini Type V9 E-Cigarette

Our Mini V9 E-Cigarette is currently the most popular E Cigarette in the market today. It offers great value for money and can be smoked anywhere. Great for the person who is always on the move


Mini Type V9 E-Cigarette Pack consists:-

Our Starter Pack Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit consists of:-     

~1 PC battery
~1 PC Atomizer
~1 USB Charger
~10 Cartridges  Marlboro Medium  favour  
~Instruction Leaflet


·  Our cartridges are normally medium level Marlboro Favour that is equivalent to 200 normal cigarettes.
·  When the cartridge is empty, simply take out and replace with a new refill.

Why choose E-cigarettes For Me?

In addition to this they are not tobacco based and can be seen as a legitimate alternative to smoking and many people use them as a means to quit. Electronic cigarettes are smoke-free, flame-free, meaning you can enjoy them safely, anywhere you want.

Electronic Cigarette is just like smoking a real cigarette. It tastes, feel and look like a real cigarette.  Instead of real smoke these Electronic Cigarettes produces a harmless water vapour. This vapour gives the same sensation as tobacco smoke, but with out the smell. You can legally use your Electronic Cigarettes anywhere because you are not smoking a real Cigarette

A single cartridge is equivalent to last approximately the same time it would take to smoke a pack 20 normal cigarettes

Change your life for the better today: - live healthy today


I  am very pleased with my e cigarette. My lungs feel healthier and my breathing much easier. Richard.

Great  e-health cigarette product and service. Nice doing business with you. Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Hallie. A++++++.